Allday Golden Retrievers - Located on the Alabama River, Selma, AL. My Beloved Sunny Above (RIP 14 Years Old)

Allday Golden Retrievers is centrally located in on the Alabma River in Selma, Alabama. Clients come from all surrounding states - Mississippi, Georgia, Tennessee and Florida. We have puppies in California, Newy York, Pennsylvania, Florida (as far south as Miami), Hawaii and England. Just type "Selma, Alabama" into your GPS to get an idea how far we are from you. Occasionally I have a puppy flown to their new family (using Delta Pet Services)for an additional charge.

At some point in the weeks after I receive your deposit, I will call and coordinate an appointment time for puppy pick up weekend. The first call will be to at least tell you what weekend to reserve and the second call will be to actually set up an hour long appointment time. The week before puppy pick up weekend, I will send detailed GPS coordinates and directions to insure there are no issues finding us. No worries - I've haven't lost anyone yet, plus I have your cell number(s)!

Who we are

I am an Alabama Homebuilder, part-time herbalist and lover of Golden Retrievers. More recently, I am also a care giver for my 95 year old mother. I work hard to provide quality, good pedigreed and personality puppies at affordable prices. I have been raising goldens for around 25 years. I also enjoy meeting new people. Both of my children, who are adults now, were raised on Goldens since they were babies and many a litter were socialized with under their care and affection over the years. Even in adulthood, one or both occasionally come out for puppy pick up weekend.

Although, I frequent two houses, you will meet me and your new puppy at my river house on the Alabama River just outside of Selma, Alabama. This is approximately five miles upstream from where my Great Great Great Grandfather Richard Allday owned 84 acres on the Alabama River almost 200 years ago. Selma is centrally located in Alabama and therefore easy to get to.

Below is my first Golden Retriever - Mickey, with my son around 18 years ago.

Below is my daughter with BJ (the OLD One) and Emerald Jade (EJ)

Below will give you a general idea for the location of Selma, Alabama.

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A bit of history

The story on when and why I started breeding Golden Retrievers is a good one. Over 25 years ago our longtime companion and friend Dutchess (a Cocker Spaniel) passed away. My son Christian was just two years old & my daughter Autumn had only recently been born. I immediately looked into the Golden Retriever breed, researched it, and began the search for my first golden. I had some Labrador Retrievers as a young boy, but never a Golden and wanted to experience one because they reportedly were great family dogs. I looked all over for that "perfect" boy. In my search, I found Mickey and afterward, he changed our whole life and was by far, the greatest dog ever! He was so incredibly smart and such a gentleman. Mickey was the type of dog that played hard when asked yet when little children came around, he would almost "tip-toe" around them to insure he didn't accidentally knock them over. Little kids doing what kids do, would pull on his hair or pinch him, but you never had a single worry that Mickey would bite or nip anyone. He treated every puppy that came along with such tenderness that to anyone not knowing, they would have thought he was the puppy's mother. Mickey was too great a dog to not share with others. In my mind, there was no better dog for a family with children than a Golden. It wasn't long before I decided that we would find Mickey a girlfriend or two, and we began to search for that perfect mate.

Even after all of these years, puppy pickup weekend is one of my favorite times of the year for many reasons. The best reason is that with every golden retriever puppy that leaves here, I know he or she will give years of happiness to some family and vice versa and that makes me feel good. I have seen so many smiles and happy families throughout the years and in the process made many lifelong friends.

Below is my first Allday Golden Retriever Logo from twenty years ago.

Send deposit of $300 to:

Dewayne Allday P.O. Box 1287 Selma, Alabama 36702-1287 United States of America tel. 334 414 0514 email: dewayne@alldayonline.com

Above is Dewayne walking with Sunny and Sampson (son hanging from pier)

Above is Dewayne with ol' stud Sunny and Sunny's son Sampson

Contact US! We Plan Several Litters Each Year!

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