If you have read through my website link "IS A GOLDEN FOR ME?" and have made your decision, contacting me is the next step. Our application process is painless and most of it is gathered through casual intuitive conversation on the phone and the rest in a letter from you to me that includes your family's story about why you want a golden retriever in your life as well as a little about the environment the puppy will be in. Be sure to tell me whether you want a boy or girl and also include all of your contact information, especially cell phone numbers, address, and email address. I like to keep good records and I'm pretty sure that I already know why you want a golden, but I want to hear it from you :)

On top of our normal warranty, we offer a 26 month warranty on their hips as long as the hip screening was performed by the Orthopedic Foundation of America (OFA). After all of these years, I've never had anyone call me about hip issues so I feel really good about it, but I still keep the warranty in place regardless of past success. I also give a thorough lesson on what hip dysplasia is at time of puppy pick up.

Mail your Letter, Contact Information & $300 (Check made out to Allday LLC) Deposit to:

Allday LLC

P.O. Box 1287

Selma, AL 36702-1287

As of 2024, the total cost for a puppy is $1200. This includes four seperate parasite/worm treatments and his or her six-weeks 5-way shot. Puppies are at least seven weeks old and occasionally eight weeks old at puppy pick

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