Solomon is has an excellent pedigree with AKC hunting, companion and utility titles. The total fee is $100 for each Solomon sired puppy born. When you drop of your female golden with me, bring a $300 deposit and a bag of dog food. She will stay with us for around a week. The balance is to be paid after the puppies arrive. The $300 deposit is non-refundable if your female doesn't take (which isn't Solomon's fault), and if only 3 puppies are born, no more money will be required. If ten are born, the balance remaining will be $700. Example: If your female has 10 puppies, the up front fee is $300 and the bag of dog food. The balance will be the other $700 for a total of $1,000 (essentially $100 per puppy). If your female only has 8 puppies then the balance would be $500. If she has no puppies, then we only keep the deposit (which is roughly $50 a day to board her. There is no extra fee for additional puppies over 12, so the fee tops out at $1,000


Prior to puppy pick up, I work with the puppies, give them human contact and affection. I offer an additional service of preliminary crate training the for TWO WEEKS after puppy pick out weekend. The fee for this is $200 extra ($100 a week). I can't offer a guarantee they will be fully housebroken after two weeks but they might be or will have a good start. It's hard to tell because training is quick for some puppies and slower for others.


Another service I offer is boarding your golden puppy or dog. There are occasions where someone asks me if I can do this because they need an additional couple of weeks of preparation before taking their new puppy home with them. Also, there are times where someone has a vacation planned shortly after puppy pickup during that people where additional care is required. I am willing to accommodate this. My fee is a bag of dog food and $50 a day for the boarding. Crate training is included. Your puppy/dog will be fed and watered twice a day and receive a ten minute walk. If a grown golden, let me know in advance if he or she has any peculiar ailments, personalities, or is not house trained. I DO NOT BOARD FOR NON-ALLDAY GOLDEN CUSTOMERS, ONLY FOR GOLDEN'S THAT COME FROM ALLDAY GOLDEN RETRIEVERS.


I plan to once again offer other training services in the future, upon time and availability. I am currently under some time constraints, so outside of boarding,and pre-pickup crate training and stud services; no other services are currently available. And, since your puppy will not be discovered until puppy pick out weekend, any training would post-puppy pickup, not before. Handouts and prices will be available at time of pick up regarding the types of training offered.

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